Tyce + Family at Waveland – Lexington KY Family Photographer – Spring Mini Session

Life is funny sometimes. I met one of my husbands friends while she and I were pregnant and we kept running into each other after that first meeting. I saw her at the hospital and at a wedding I was shooting and right before they headed to the hospital to have their sweet little one, Tyce.  So I was thrilled when I got the message that she wanted to take advantage of my Spring Mini Sessions.

We met at Waveland on a beautiful Sunday and Tyce did a great job! Working with little ones can be difficult, because you never know what kind of mood they’re going to be. I’ve learned from my own that you have to be super patient and let them do their thing! If you push too hard, they will run away faster! So, we let Tyce do his thing! This little boy did not want to be held down for one second, but when we let him play and explore he enjoyed himself and I think we came out on the other side with some awesome shots (even a few of the whole family)!

Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0014 Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0021

I love the shot above so much! Tyce is very careful about where he walks, and he watches almost every step. I think I love it so much because it’s the complete opposite of my own little girl who runs everywhere without paying one bit of attention to her little feet!

Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0020 Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0016

I am always so blown away by the way parents look at their children! It gets me every time. Ultimately, I am grateful for these moments because it makes my job so worthwhile. Being able to preserve those moment, those hugs and gentle kisses, the hugs and sweet smiles, that’s why I love photography!

Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0015 Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0019Lexington_KY_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Spring_Mini_Session_Waveland_Park_0017

This last photo I feel sums up our session one hundred percent! Tyce just wanted to run and be free!

For more information about booking a session of your own, please visit http://www.eaphotog.com or email me at elizabeth@eaphotog.com

Spring Mini Sessions are available until April 30th, 2015! Don’t miss out! 


Juliana’s Easter Photos | Lexington KY Photographer

Tonight I wanted to share Juliana’s Easter Photos with you! We took her out on a beautiful evening and spent the night chasing her around in her pretty little dress! She has such a passion for everything, she needs to know what everything is and what is happening with everything all around her! I watch her, and I hope this curiosity that she has never fades!

We have so much fun watching her and chasing her and playing with her. And we never for one second take for granted how blessed we are to have such a beautiful, happy, healthy little one!

I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed Easter Sunday, and that you too are awestruck by your little ones!
Lexington KY Easter PhotosEaster_Photos_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Lexington_KY_Arboretum_0003Easter_Photos_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Lexington_KY_Arboretum_0005Easter_Photos_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Lexington_KY_Arboretum_0001 Easter_Photos_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Lexington_KY_Arboretum_0002Easter_Photos_Family_Photographer_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Lexington_KY_Arboretum_0006

And to prove that she is into EVERYTHING, here are some photos of her playing with mulch, gravel and tree bark! Man I love her! 🙂

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April Mini Sessions | Lexington, KY Lifestyle Photographer

This spring, for the very first time, I am offering Mini Sessions! I know nailing down dates can be difficult for families, so I have opened these sessions up for ALL of APRIL! That means we can shoot on the weekend, we can shoot during the week, early in the morning or at sunset! What ever works for your family, we will find a time to scheduled it!

Mini Sessions are not just for families! They can be for absolutely anything! If you are engaged, expecting a baby, celebrating Easter for the first time with a new addition to the family, or just want some updated photos of yourself! Sessions will be approximately 30 minutes long at a location of your choice* and you will receive an online gallery to share with your friends and family, and 3 digital files to use as you please. I am also offering a DVD of your whole session for $100 if you just can’t choose!

You don’t want to miss out on this offer! Please visit my website at http://www.eaphotog.com to see some of my past work and contact me by email at elizabeth@eaphotog.com OR by phone at 859-536-9438

Lexington KY Mini Sessions

Lexington KY Lifestyle Photographer Offers Mini Sessions | $85 | elizabeth@eaphotog.com

*Please note that some of the most popular shooting sites in Lexington, KY charge a shooting fee, which you will be responsible for. If you would like to avoid paying that, we can discuss location together and find something perfect for your family!

The Mom Project 2015, A Personal Project – Lexington, KY Portrait Photographer

I started a journey last year, and on this journey I have met so many amazing Moms who have encouraged and inspired me for a whole year now!

Lexington Ky Photographer

I shared my struggle with missing my own Mother as I became a Mother myself, and how I mourned the fact that there aren’t a lot of photos of me and my Mom. I asked New Mom’s around the Bluegrass to share their stories with me, and I chose 5 deserving Moms. How did I chose them you ask…  Let me tell you, it was not easy! I read everyone’s story over and over again, and I picked the stories that moved me the most! Stories of loss, and love beyond measure, stories of grief and loneliness, stories of new beginnings and hope, everyone has a story and everyone’s story is beautiful!

Lexington_KY_Mommy_and_Me_Session_Project_Mom_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Portrait_Photographer_0007OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


These five women and their families allowed me to come into their homes and capture precious moments between them and their sweet young babies. Now these babies are all walking around and jabbering nonstop and I have had the privileged to witness it all through social media, but as I looked back on the sessions for this post, I was struck again by what love a mother share with her baby (or babies – as the case my be).

Lexington_KY_Mommy_and_Me_Session_Project_Mom_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Portrait_Photographer_0011 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALexington_KY_Mommy_and_Me_Session_Project_Mom_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Portrait_Photographer_0004

I am reaching out again this year! Please read my story HERE and then share your own beautiful story with me here in the comment section below or email me at elizabeth@eaphotog.com if you’d like to keep your story more private! Let me know what you cherish most about being a new mom and why you’re interested in this project! Because my little girl will be 18 months old soon, I’ll open it up to New Mom’s of a newborn up to 18 months old! I am so looking forward to finding The 2015 Mom’s for the Mom Project!


I will accept submission from now until March 24th and will decide on the participants by March 31st.

Please note that these sessions are Mommy & Me Session and will be shot in your home. Due to that I can only accept submissions within 30 miles of Lexington, KY. You will receive an online gallery to share with your family and friends and to purchase any photos from your session, as well as three 5×7 prints from your session selected by me.

Lexington_KY_Mommy_and_Me_Session_Project_Mom_Elizabeth_Ashley_Photography_Portrait_Photographer_0001Lexington KY Mommy & Me Project by Elizabeth Ashley Photography